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the yellow sphere is the ova while the others are the oviduct . Ova is the chicken egg which is not born yet but still lie inside the hen ( the female reproductive cell or gamete of animals, which is capable of developing, usually only after fertilization, into a new individual. ) while the oviduct is the tube the hen use to lay egg. Vietnamese call them "tru*'ng lo`ng non". You can eat it with Pho*? or straigh up boiled it and used salt , pepper and lemon juice as the sauce.
The vegetable is some kind of flowers.
If i am not mistake , the whole dish is called "hoa thie^n ly' xa`o tru*'ng lo`ng non"


Um, yeah, this is something I never encountered, happily. Those green things look like flowers indeed, maybe morning glory? All of it looks like something that washed up on the beach...very sea veggie-esque.


oh, my, God.

Tai - Tai

Perhaps the fungi tubal thing is a mushroom but more likely and especially if the dish was made here in China it would be the intestines of some poor animal. the other animal looking parts look similar to a chicken or small bird head and perhaps a claw of some sort.

The thing at the bottom left looks very odd and as I am looking at it my Chinese helper tells me it is the part of the chicken that the egg comes out of(not the anus but the part above the anus) and that the Chinese people say this is very good. As I have not looked at a chicken that close I have no idea... But EWWW! Probably good for man since all the weird stuff they eat here is supposed to be good for man...

The egg looking thing I am guessing is an egg, whether it is cooked or not is anyones guess and at what stage it is inside I have no clue.
The flowery looking things could be some edible flower, they are not ferns which I have had and are good. They remind me of jasmine flowers in a way or ginger flowers that I see in the flower markets here.

So do tell was it yummy?


Rasa Malaysia



Ok, the only things that i vaguely recognise in there is the vegetables which looks like hoa ly (no idea what the translation into English is). The tubular bit looks suspiciously like intestines- but maybe not. Looks like fun whatever it is! Particularly if it's served with Bia Hoi


Is that green chive flower buds ? I've seen my mom using them, couldn't recall the proper name. As for those exotic little things, I've no clue, interesting :)


Yes, fascinating to speculate--please tell us the answers now. ;)


Sorry about my lack of interaction in this quiz! Something called work is a necessary evil, I'm afraid.

Duy - you are on the money with the eggie and tuby bits and the name of the dish. Well done!

The vegetable is hoa thien ly, known in English I believe as 'sky flowers.'

And, to answer your q. Tai-tai, it's delicious. The tubes are tender, the vegetable really something special.

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