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Its call Buddha's fingers, citris medica, its a type of citron. we get it during the chinese lunar new year and the lantern festival. The chinese call it "Fu Shou" or "Busukon" in japanese.
Its really eaten for its skin rather than the flesh.
The highly prized japanese varieties have the "fingers" fully spread
We make candied peel out of it. it smells divine, and one of my favorite candied fruit


I'm curious about he "weird fruit" myself so here are what I found so far:


jen maiser

Ullyss is right - we call it Buddha's hand. This was one thing I saw in abundance in Vietnam that can cost upwards of $10 each when I buy them in San Francisco. That, and shiso are all over the place there and kind of rare and pricey here.


Yup, the Buddha's finger is what I'm getting my end Sticky


Never seen this one before. Is it a mainly/only a northern thing?


I've never seen them floating around the Cambodian neck of the woods - although you could buy them from the Queen Vic Market in Melbourne. I've dried its peel before and used it to make a Hoegaarden-style witbier.


My grandmother grows a variety of these in her garden in S. California. I agree that they are buddha hands. It has essentially no fruit pulp and is straight peel all the way through. We've never dried the peel at our house but the fresh peel has a lovely citrus aroma and bland faintly sweet taste reminiscent of young coconut (at least to me!)


Thanks everyone. My own research threw up the same answer. I must admit I did know at time of posting but wanted to truly see how good you are!;)


You can steep Buddha's Hand Limes in vodka and it is lovely.


These are actually available stateside. They're one of the most expensive fruits in my local international food store. Yup, it's mostly peel. I'm thinking of making some a-la orangette aux chocolat.

Kristina Lunsford

Hi I am also interested in weird fruits. I was amazed to see this one. Let me ask you has anyone heard of the Dragon Fruit? They are grown on a succulent cactus..

ginger glasses

it is going to eat you


my lime tree in florida is producing them can you eat them

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