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I love that second picture. It brings it all back to me. Awesome.


Banh Xeo is my favouritestest (tied first place with Banh Khot) and that Nha Trangian version looks veritably delicious!


Banh Xeo is pretty popular in Hanoi. Easy to make at home, recipes available from me...hehe

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Those pictures wet my appetite !


You're right, Julie, there are some banh xeo eateries but not many and I don't think they're as good.

OMIH - Hope you're enjoying Granada.


since you like to eat soup, you might try out the "bun' rie^u" (crab-based, tomato noodle soup, served with morning glory, sometimes chopped banana "flower"). [just a suggestion

Rasas Malaysia

There is one rice cake that I really love, but it's steamed and then topped with shredded shrimp and fish sauce. It's so good! I believe it's Hue cuisine, but I could be wrong.

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