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Do you happen to know the proportions for making the spicy sugar to dip fruit in? We loved it during our time in Thailand but Googling hasn't been able to produce any information on a good proportion of ingredients. Thanks!


Those noodles looked great Mr. Sticky =) The term "gay" that you are referring to phonetically speaking is probably closer to "yai". In vietnamese when any type of fowl is called "dai" (the 'd' in this chase sounds like a 'y') the consistency is a bit more chewy due to the fact that many of these animals are raised in a free range environment where they get lots of excercise. Excerise = less Fat, and consequently more muscle that imparts a chewy texture, and as some claim a sweeter taste. The chicken version of this type of meat is normally called "ga di bo" or walking chicken. Both are very good especially in bun and mien. I love them all and wish I was back there, but sadly I still live vicariously through sites like yours. Thanks for posting more frequently now.

For the poster just before me, I think the sugar dip you are speaking of contains sugar and fish sauce with chiles? If so, then it should be 2 parts sugar to 1 part fish sauce and as much of those thai chilies as you can stand. If you like the sauce to be stronger then you can add in more fish sauce. Hope that helps.

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