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I hate to say it Sticky, but I think vendor-less streets are the wave of the future in Asia... I feel your pain.


That is a very disturbing prospect.

Cau loa looks great, I'll never get to eat in from the street.

Tu Van Cong

This is a great dish and I love it.
Hi noodleoodle, What is Cau loa? Do you know street food is the best and cheap.


Hello God - Many spelling mistakes. I meant to say, I was disturbed that I wont have the opportunity to sample this particular dish (com ga) from a street vendor. Don't know know what Cau loa is. Have no idea why I wrote that...


See my article in Global Voices about this blog post and other developments:


That's interesting that 2 yrs ago they wanted to get rid of street vendors. I was just in Hoi An last week and street food culture is still going strong, including the com ga stalls, bun stalls, and pho stalls. I'm working my way up north in Vietnam and am excited to see what Hanoi has to offer.

Coach Sneakers

It is with narrow-minded people as with narrow-necked bottle; the less they have in them the more noise they make in pouring out.

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