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that looks sooo yummy....makes me wanna call my mother up to see if she could make it for us...b/c she makes the best pho ga....mmmm


Is that chicken sausage? hmm never seen this in Pho ga?
wow my beloved soup is evolving..


Wow, chicken skin sausages- how interesting. Does it taste like nem or is it a different kind of mix inside? You definitely have the inside scoop on the Hanoi food scene- no wonder you have paparazzi on your tail.

Hai Pham

That's so creative, stuffings were inside of combs. I'm in awe. I guess it must taste good as itself. Pho should keep as simple as you can - chicken meat and innards are the best way to go


Hi sticky,

I have been reading your blog for the last few months and I can't wait to sample some of the eateries that you've reviewed. I hope that Pho is as delicious as it is photogenic.

Not long now, as I arrive in Hanoi next Thursday!

Cheers for all your postings that have inspired my waiting.


Can I get the address for this Pho stand, please?Thanks


Enter the Hang Be market from Hang Be St. Walk down about 100 metres and it's on the left. There'll be signage at the market entrance - Phuong Thao Pho Ga. It's only open at night from about 6.


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