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I have read the book as well, it is fantastic.

I am Laotian, born in Luang Prabang, but have spent almost all of my life in Australia. It was a very odd experience learning aspects about my own culture and traditions from a book written by an outsider.

Along with the recipes, the book also offers (or makes a good guess) at the botanical names of some of the more obscure ingrediants. A terrifric resource.


I wanna try ant eggs! *sigh* The only way that's possible in California is if I head down to Mexico.


Chubbypanda, Living in California you should be able to go down to any Lao Market and get frozen ant eggs. I'm not sure the ones from Mexico are the same. Of course there are many different recipes, the greens added to the soup are also important, a well stocked Lao grocer might well have many of them.

I blogged about cooking them up as they were unusual. I don't give measurements or time, just what went on. I like home cooked Lao food.


Down the right hand side of my blog I have links to Lao food blogs in case anyne is interested, two of the best in my opinion are Lao cook and Lao cuisine.

Lao Cuisine is someone who gets a lot of photos sent via emails from relatives in the Pakse area and then calls on the phone for specifics and tries them on his own.

Lao Cook, perhaps the most knowledgable and eloquent person blogging about Lao food is often not traditional. He uses the ingredients and the style to come up with new things, but it's all based on a very thorough understanding of Lao food.

Just noticed a link at the bottom, not to Lao food but a great SEA food blog nonetheless, called ... ehem... Sticky Rice.

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I think this book is a result of deep thoughts about foods. Natacha Du Pont De Bie has serious thoughts about eating out.


Ant egg soup how interresting.try fry it with chicken gurantee you lick the whole plate dry cleaned.don't overlook until you
try the god damn thing.It's good fool.

vincent fischer-zernin

My newly published book "Lao Cooking and The Essence of Life" is a continuation and extension of Natasha's great book; hers is the first proper, honest and deferential cookbook to have been written about Lao food.

Take a look at the book's preview: http://www.tropicaldesignfz.net/book


Ant egg soup, oh my! Never heard of it before...How interesting!

vincent fischer-zernin

My eclectic book "Lao Cooking and The Essence of Life" is now available in America and Canada for US$ 34.- including shipping instead of the earlier US$ 47.- thanks to my new American distributor Dalley Book Services, see the E-purchase section on my book's website.

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