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thanks for the survey.
chicken pho*? got the top spot? :) my personal choice is beef pho. perhaps, VN has more fowls than cows


I suppose beef is more common and traditional in Hanoi, too. In fact, if you look at the findings, about 3/4 are beef. It just so happens for my tastes, that this chicken pho made a very strong impression on me. Thanks for your comment. How's the pho in your part of the world?


Have u ever tasted sour Pho soup???


I'm not sure Phuong. Is it something available in Hanoi? If so, where?


Funny Pho Ga overtook Pho Bo in your books?! :)

I tried the Pho Bo Gia Truyen on Bat da street.

LOTSA beef, it's mad. and a hearty breakfast at 6.30 in the morning ....

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