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Cat? Did you really eat cat?


Diana, that is the local specialty in Thai Binh. Interestingly the locals do run into problems with field rats in the ricefields in this province!


Wow. Fascinating.

When we were on the Mekong, it was explained to us that for some families there can be as many as 5 celebrations as part of an arranged marriage, with each gathering bigger than the next. It's no wonder they're short.


Oh man! Not OT enough to show a picture of the people you were attending the wedding for?! (ie bride and groom)

joe bang

My son is going to marry Vietnamese girl in November.
What is the Vietnamese custom to pay the ceremony (by bride's or groom side)? They are engaged now in American style by giving diamond ring to her with little comotions at his friend's house with his and her friends (American way).
My son is graduating Med school few in few days. But her parents doesn't want to come to graduation party becuase they should invite us in their place first, Is this really their standard tradition not to see each other before they invite us?
How about dowery? Do they want to sell the girl for dowery?
Please give us a hint, I do not want to break any traditional value yet least I have to know what do they want in bottom.

Thank you,


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