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that vong

Muse in the Kitchen

I love hot pot meals. Celebrating a birthday with one makes sense - getting together with friends for a hot pot always feels festive, even if it's just friends getting together. And I've noticed that when you sit around the table, all sharing in the cooking, it makes for some great conversation!



i always love hotpot, this seems different, will try ^^


I love this style of eating what a beautiful array of ingredients.


It is fun and a home prepared hot pot is much more intimate and generally a better culinary experience as well. I get the sense at many hot pot restaurants that they are just churning them out without any great care. I must admit I am a bit fussy when it comes to hot pots in Hanoi.

Thanks all for your comments!


is the broth water or some sort of meat-stock?


Not water, Mike, but hard to put the finger on. I suspect a good hot pot would have a carefully, lovingly prepared home made stock but I suspect most stock would come from a sachet or packet. I could be wrong.


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Agree with your point of view

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