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mayonnaise and red chilli sauce?

now that is my kind of heaven. That is going on this week's menu!


It's a fab combo - good with even bought brands, probably fantastic if you make your own. Good luck Dani!

Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy

Nha Trang is very nice! Seafood is very good! But, seafood in Do Son beach is better than seafood in Nha Trang. And, the view (in Hai Phong city) is very wonderful! Have you ever came to Hai Phong city? Welcome to Do Son beach in Hai Phong city!!!


I definitely ate here - I recognise that tablecloth from my photos. I went nuts on seafood in Nha Trang. Everyday at the Louisiane Brewhouse I ate 6 or 7 dishes over the day. And including drinks it only ended up costing around $20. But I wasn't finished then, at night we went out to dinner (once at the restaurant above) and ate more prawns and whole lobsters.

nathan venables

great im going to be in nah trang in five weeks time and thats looking like the place for me nice .. any other recomendations from around that area.?

Maria Scott

I am living near the market. I always buy these kinds of viand for the family, however, I don't know of some recipes for these. Thank you for this blog! This will help me a lot.

coffin world

The squid looks delicious. will try to make my own version of it tonight :)


I really like deep fried squid especially when served with fried rice. I always had one back in my homeland.

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