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At long bloody last.

For a minute I thought this was one of those slabs of tofu you can order at bia hois and dip in soy sauce. Talking of which, have you ever blogged that? One of those kinda bland things Hanoians seem to go for that I never quite fathomed. Like eating water melon with beer in Korea... WHat's that all about?


this is so auspicious because it's the first time i've looked at your blog in awhile. keep up the amazing work! i really enjoy your writing and it makes me miss vietnam (was only there for a few weeks but i loved every minute of it).


Good to see you blogging again!


Welcome back! I found your blog via Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie. I was able to enjoy your previous posts and hoped that Sticky Rice would be back. Today, I'm delighted to find that you (and it) are back indeed. I look forward to your discoveries.

Eugene T. Nguyen

Wow! The photography is amazing. Looking forward for more.


Great to see you back. I had you bookmarked and clicked on every morning for what seemed forever.....got really tired of that young bamboo. Looking forward to all your new experiences.

Aron Solomon

Wow - so glad you've returned. Would touring a native Canadian but mostly Beijing-based foodie and pho-worshipper for apart of a day help :)


Thanks all for hanging around! I would've given up checking ages ago!

Graham - haven't blogged the tofu and beer thing, though I do remember a dish in Japan (agadashi tofu?)...big bloody lump of tofu scattered with spring onions and bonito flakes...not half bad, that one!

Douglas  Scott

Welcome back! I thought your blog had died or you had. I read other food blogs and when one suddenly stops posting without explanation I wonderd what happened to them.


OH! THANK THE GODS! i was wondering where the hell you were. It's good to see that you are back and safe stickyrice guy. i have bloody idea what your name is nor do i really care, but your adventures through Hanoi and other parks of Vietnam and your occasional excursions into Laos has intrigued and delighted me. I am so glad to see that you back.


Yay! I hope we get to see some of Greece...


Glad to have you back, you brighten my sometimes dull lunch breaks at work. The pics are great, specially the gory ones, so stay away from the Tofu!


So glad you are back because I love to read your blog !


Thanks again - I'm glad to be back.

I'm thinking about a few short pieces on Greece, though I wasn't really in blog mode - didn't take many food pics and didn't write a word down in a notebook, Robyn.


Can I just say that we are all very lucky to have Sticky Rice back in action. I have just come back from Hanoi and was fortunate enough to have none other than "Sticky" as my personal culinary tour guide! We had the most sensational experiences, forming memories that I will never forget. Sticky and his expert tour partner enriched our experience of Hanoi and gave us an insight into the culture of this amazing city that could only have been gained through its local cuisine. A huge thank you to the dynamic Sticky partnership, you two added something truly unique to our travel experience. Please keep it up.


Welcome back!

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