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Hi, really enjoying your photography and observations. I lived in Hanoi for about 5 months in 2000, adored it, and have wanted to go back ever since. So glad I discovered your wonderful blog, and hopeful that it will continue to jog my memory about the fantastic places I found roaming the city. Thank you!


I bet you'd notice a few changes if you were to come back, Emski. Not all good I'm afraid, especially on the traffic front! Thanks for the comment!


Oh dear, well I hope to see more of what's new (and old) in your wonderful pics!


"cafe nau da " Should be " cafe sua da" I'm "mese" I know.
love your blog.

psp zubehör

The cacao da at the lakeside coffee is absolutely fantastic. For "cafe nau da", I prefer the toy street. But the cacao da at lakeside is truly worth a try.

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