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The trees in the background are playing havoc with my brain. Is it just me or is the perspective really weird in this photo?

Oh... nice nosh too.


My fritter guy in Phnom Penh did delicious bananas and completely inedible deep fried taro.

Occasionally he'd shout me a chunk of taro as a treat, possibly as a way to remind me how great his bananas were.


There's something inherently invigorating to me when I watch people cook outside. Maybe it reminds me of camping in the Summer, or perhaps I just like it (that could explain why I grill as much as I do). I know in Vietnam, it's part of the norm. Perhaps that's the mystique of Vietnam for me.

Those fritters look delicious. I don't care how bad they are for you, nor what's under that fried batter. Sometimes, I don't even want to know - I just want to eat it.


Awesome. I'm so jealous!


Eat a banana fritter for me, okay?


Them freaky trees are walking up the slope from a little lake to entangle and murder all fritter consumers, Graham.

Banana - sweet, corn - sweet, sweet potato - well, sweet....and taro, um, yeah...I know what you mean, Phil.

I'm eating these friteers for all of you, kind of like having a drink for absent friends!! Stuff the consequences!!

Annerly Cooper

Oh man, this pic brings back some good memories! You can smell the fritters way down the street before she even catches ya eye! Have one for me too!


What used to fascinate me about these fritter folk is the total simplicity of their set up and their amazing technique! Incredible what you can do with a couple of ingredients, a pan of hot oil and a pair of chopsticks. I'm with Gastronomer on this one, pls eat one for me too!

lilian roby

Oh, I think we may have gone to your banana fritter lady's neighbour last week!


So delicious, might need to pop down for another one tomorrow (Sunday, eeep!)


if you want to eat the healthier version of this, you might want to try the grilled banana with coconut milk (ripe banana wrapped in the cooked sticky rice, then grill over charcoal).


Yes Lilian, you're in the same town, same street, different fritter frier!

Sounds good Viet, where can I get me one of those?


the grilled banana is pretty popular street food (at least in the south), so you might want to turn on your radar next time you're in one of the open markets or you might want to ask the local. it's called grilled banana in Vietnamese (this is how it's spelled chuo^i' nu*o*ng')


it looks delicious, is it sweet? i remember a kind of local snack in China, they are similar.

Ramon Meijer

heeey my favorite place too ,lived on the Xuan dieu str and took this mang ve every time when i went home..

banh chuoi bui!! dusty banana fritter hmm

A Girl Has To Eat

Aah, your blog makes me nostalgic for food in Asia!

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Hehehe! I'm cooking also sweet potato that way!

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My fritter frier takes bananas, sweet potato chips and corn kernels, produce ordinarily rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and energy, before drowning them in that evil obesity-friendly substance known as batter.

Round and Brown

Hehehe! I'm cooking also sweet potato that way


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