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whoa! That really IS expensive for che, but judging from their ingredients list, you are getting a lot more than just the beans, jelly, and coconut milk that's typically served. I still don't know if I can get over the price, but every now and then I guess it's good to treat yourself to something nice.


My family is from Hanoi and one of my aunt's made a version of this paticular che recently. It turned out to be really good and refreshing! Perfect for a hot summer day! She used liquid coffee creamer (plain, non-flavored) and various kinds of canned fruit (jack fruit, fruit cocktail, lychee fruit, and longan fruit). She only used the jack fruit syrup from the can though, because of how fragrant it is. She later put tons of ice cubes into the mixture to dilute and chill. After a couple of hours, it's ready to be served! Yummm!


It's worth it once in a while, Anh, definitely not for regular or daily che!

Funny ROTW, that the che you describe is left to chill. Here the ice is added just prior to serving.


I agree: best chè in Hanoi, and also the most expensive. It's 2800vnd now, you must have known.
This location is very close to my best friend's house, i walked past it all the time but didn't try it since people complain of how pricey it is all the time and how it's not worth the money, bla bla bla. It is expensive, but for my sweet tooth, it's totally worth it.
But I don't tell anyone, they'll scold me out.

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