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Lucie J.

Sounds idylic. I love sitting in little places and drinking tea.

P.S. Great photo! Totally shows the spirit of what you are talking about.


When I was in Vietnam, I noticed the long-lived dust stains on the cups and coffee ware and thought about how many years the little cafe's, which looked like temporary set-ups, had been operating, of how many people had previously enjoyed drinking there. Good stuff indeed...from a modern world where all dust and stains are looked down upon and quickly scrubbed away.

Dallas from Bitchin' Lifestyle

Very poetic. I love the stains in well used teapots and teacups. Lots of love and comfort have passed through those vessels!

Annerly Cooper

Sounds perfect! I love that pic ... it really captures the essence of what VN was when I first got there.


Thanks all...it's one of my favourite places to while away an hour. Let's hope some of these places manage to survive.

Annerly oi! What's up!

Annerly Cooper

Good boo! Emailed ya! Blog is really taking off! Am so proud of ya!

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