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It's nice to see a new place to take some cooking courses, and especially one with so much diversity..

..But over 45$ for a course?!
Almost 1 Million dong...

I understand Hoi An cannot compare to Hanoi, but I paid about 10$ to learn 5 dishes down there!


Sounds like a bit of heaven to me!


Jonathan I hear ya but I'd like the Hanoi Cooking Centre to survive and $10 for five dishes just isn't realistic. How could they possibly make a profit?

People have money in Hanoi and they like spending it.

In Melbourne, at the Essential Ingredient Cooking School, prices range between A$95 - 275. A five hour workshop on dumplings and noodles at SF school, Tante Marie will set you back US$185.

HCC is cheap as chips mate.

Kieran - Kerry, Ireland sounds like a little slice of heaven to me!

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