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I always have two bowls of pho in one sitting in Pho Tin when I go there... the most I've managed is three bowls at another place nearer the centre of town. three bowls in a day seems a little lacklustre...!! LOL.


For volume in one sitting, you are the undisputed champion slurper. My wonder and intrigue with the acquaintance was her capacity to have the same dish for her three main meals in one day. I wonder if it was a completely different experience each time.


bring back the swoop!!


Yes, maybe at less regular intervals, Icky!


Pho-get about it! I could this everyday and be content!


For a good, hearty bow of Pho, I do recommend a place called Pho Tu Lun, is on Hai Ba Trung st, just opposite Trang Tien plaza. For me ,it is the best Pho in Hanoi. Have to go early in the morning, it usually sold out pretty quick. The place is very basic , you know plastic chairs and tables on the dirty pavement but it is worth a try!


Thanks Chi. I'm always on the lookout for pho recommendations. I will check it out. How early do they normally sell out by?


I was probably too pessimistic when I said it sold out quickly. If I remember correctly I was still able to have some for lunch the last time I went, but without the "quay" ( I always dissapoint if there is no "quay"!!). I hope you like it, I just prefer its beef stock to others. It is full of flavour, not the clear and clean kind of thing! But beware, when the weather is hot, the place is unbearable, probably best to go when it's below 30 degree C! Happy eating :)

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