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Hi, I've been enjoying your blog for a while now. I visited Vietnam over a year ago and loved every minute of it, especially the Vietnamese coffee, including the iced version. I'm still drinking it now, but much of the smell and aroma has disappeared. I guess you have to be in Vietnam to enjoy it at its best!

When its potent, this stuff gives a jolt of energy unmatched by all other coffees...I think it surely helps explain how the Vietnamese can be so productive at all hours of the day.

: )


Drinking chanh muoi, strangely, makes me feel like i'm drinking a glass full of warm saliva.

Not my thing, either.


That's exactly the simile I was after, Jonathan!

Yes, Riz, the coffee definitely gets the heart rate up!


Been to Vietnam in 2007, what i can say ~ Vietnamese really creative with Food Recipes and Food Presentation always the most beautiful!


I'm not sure about the weird brining liquid thing, but when I travel in India I have positive cravings for the salty lemonade they sell there. It's pretty much as it sounds - no sugar, just lime juice, sparkling water and a pinch of salt. It can be undrinkable if too much salt is added, but with just a pinch it is the most refreshing drink for a hot climate ever. I far prefer it to the sweet lemonade, which I ind cloying in the heat.

I was in Thailand this winter and they had sweet/salty lemonade, which I didn't like nearly as much. It kind of had that sliminess that you refer to. I think it's the sugar syrup that does it maybe. Not sure. I'm sticking with the plain salty from now on.


Diane - the Indian variation sounds perfect. I do understand the salt and hot climate thing...just think it's overdone with the chanh muoi


It is, however, good for the old rehydration -- or so an 80 year old badminton playing man told me once. Another not particularly tasty but Vietnamese drink that I drink, especially in summer, is bot san da (specifying NO Sugar, with lots of lemon) as it it supposedly cools your blood -- or so some 90 year old woman told me once... -- so it's sort of like the Yin to your ca phe den da-Yang, leaving you to experience a perfect happy medium... in theory.


Yes the theories, the theories, Teddy, so many food and drink theories!!!

I tried the white powder drink years back and I think I objected to the sedimenty nature of it...but it will be in the drinks list one of these days...thanks for reminding me.


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