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It's "May doi banh duc co xuong, may doi di ghe lai thuong con chong". It's "xuong" (bone) not "suong" (dew).

Since banh duc is a thick and soft cake, the Vietnamese compares it to something that has no "backbone". So this proverb is losely translated to "banh duc never has backbone, the same as stepmom never loves her husband's children". Why banh duc? I have no idea =)

Yeah, this is a pretty bland cake. For some odd reason, my Mom only craves for it when she was pregnant =)

Nguyen Thanh Huong

Regarding your wondering, why bank duc? It is possible this type of cake made by rice flour and served poor men. Thousand years ago, most Vietnamese people were poor and knew quite well banh duc as it is soft and popular to the agricultural culture. They never observe a backbone in banh duc as they never see a stepmon loves her husband's own children.


aaaah, good ol' vietnamese proverbs. What a lovely post on this, though. I always have a great read on here :)


Very interesting cake I may say.



I love banh duc!!


Thanks Michelle for the correction on the Vietnamese - I need that! Also, for the translation

Yes the VN proverbs sometimes don't translate well or easily into Englsih, Tram. Glad you enjoy the blog content!

Can't say I'm much of a fan, RotW!

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