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This is one of the most wonderful things in life. Eating grilled lobster with lemon salt pepper sauce on the beach!

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Niall Harbison

Ah that is the only way to be shopping! It brings me bac to buying lobsters when I was working on a boat in the caribbean. Fresh really is best and such a pleasure to shop like that rather than in boring old supermarkets like we always have to do these days!


Thanks Ted - I did notice some traffic coming from your list.

Seafood and beer on the beach is a real treat!


I love food, love cooking and eating and tasting new things. Supermarkets are my favourite places on earth and the beach supermarket description sounds divine and I want to go to there! :)


the lady selling seafood on NT beach is the one and very same that served me 3 years ago! Good to see that she is still around...she was a delight!

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It is truly amazing when people sell stuff at the beach. You can really say that they are truly amazing to look at.

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I have a friend who sells stuff in one of the beaches there in Florida. I find it hard and difficult to do it because how can you think of doing business when you are in a place of fun and relaxation.

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A friend of mine once sold rugs along a the beach.

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Those crab so delicious.! ohh. i want to taste that one.can i have one? ^_^

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Nice beach and people sell kinds of things and foods for the local or tourist..I will really check this out.bookmarked already!

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This place is just like the place in Philippines in Boracay were people there also sale lots of things.

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Im drooling looking at the lobster.. how much more with the other food that i haven't seen.. Im a seefood lover. :)

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