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Are you, the writer, Mark?
Thank you pretty much for sharing these kinda stuff. I miss Vietnam alot :-)


We went to a cow house (spit-roasted, whole) in Saigon where the most popular item seemed to be spinal cord soup. Folks were pretty much going ga-ga for it. Does your joint serve it? (Not that I recommend it.)


ive seen this a few times and how packed it is..i NEED to try this now. thanks for the tip!


I am the writer, my name is Mark. I'm not sure if I've cleared that up for you but the pleasure is all mine, linknt.

Robyn - this cow house does not do whole cow nor spinal cord soup nor bull's pizzle etc. It's hardly exotic but great comfort food and they know how to cook beef.



Hi, the address is 192 Nghi Tam, as the road is only called Au Co from Sheraton and outwards..


Hi Sticky Rice Mark, do you still use your lowiemark@yahoo.com.au email address? I dropped you a (kind of) long email after discovering this blog. Nothing serious, just lines and lines of admiration, so I just want to make sure you received it!

Thanks for another great post! Do you know that you make us, Vietnamese ourselves, mouthwater for the food as well?



You're right, Sune. Thanks for the correction.

Hang - I did get your email, thanks. I'm in the middle of my busy work period and haven't been very good with anything blog-related recently. Have a lot of catching up to do!


A friend of mine swears by Spag bol though I never bothered myself. Seems a bit like ordering pizza at a Sushi bar to me. I usually order the fried stomach as a side dish ;-)

I've often heard it mumbled how the owner used to work for a western hotel restaurant back in 1993BC -- the Sofitel perhaps? -- which is how and where he learned to cook the beef as he does and presumably the Spag bol too -- or so I've been told by the Hanoi chatterers!


Someone get me a map and an artery plunger, pronto.

Hanoi Mark

I used to love going to Chien Beo with a pack of Viet friends. I always thought it was kinda an amusing flip-side of Asian fusion back home - like Vietnamese style Western food. I like, I like.

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