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Wow, 50,000.00VND for two bowls of Phở (with tea and quẩy)is not a bad deal at all.


'ancient green doorways leading away to dark mysterious places where scarey toothless grannies squat and even rats fear to tread'

lol .. Superb !


Ba - it's actually gone up alot since I've been in Hanoi, and understandably so. The cost of living is on the rise. Still, you're right, dirt cheap.

Thanks Riz...sometimes I wonder where I conjure that stuff from???


Have you heard of this new method to make Noodle: http://blogcogaidolong.multiply.com/journal/item/516/516 (images of the making-noodle machine at the end of this entry)
This invention belongs to Hai Thien company in Ho Chi Minh city.
Noodle now is made of fresh and natural ingredients, and it takes only 1 minutes to make complete noodle instead of 5 days.

thé vert de chine

For only 50,000VND, this dish of noodles is worth a try.


I am in vietnam from the USA and someone from Hanoi pointed me to your blog from mine (www.Pho-qs.com) and I tried this place this morning. Very good! Thanks for the useful pho info!!!



New to your blog. I'm a Vietnamese living in the US. have been to this shop last summer and i loved it! great choice!

SC Lee

I went to this stall to try its Pho after reading your review. The beef was really tender!

Seeing that I'm a foreigner, the stall owner was careful to state the price to me first before I stepped in. Finally, some attention from stall owners!

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