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Mark, this looks and sounds excellent. Not having had Bun Cha (the only time I've even seen it was in an episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain) I can see how addicting it can become.

Your line about garlic breath got me laughing. It's so true, but there's part of the reason why people stay so healthy. There's a price to pay for all of those antioxidants in your body, and it's fresh breath. If the price of romance is living a long healthy life, so be it.


I didn't go to that place, but it looks a lot like perhaps our best meal in Hanoi, from a old couple making bun cha on the sidewalk. I dream about it sometimes.


Not quite sure where this one is exactly. Near the "famous" crap coffee shop with Catherine Deneuve pics, no? I can only remember two Bun Cha in that area. Would be great to get some street shots to picture where it is. Feeling like I missed out on a good find...


Phil - TBH I've never been one to worry about garlic breath...I reckon if you eat a lot of it, your body kind of adjusts. My sister has slices of raw garlic on toast...for breakfast...and she's a hairdresser!!!!

Mike - lots of older couples doing food business streetside...glad you enjoyed the Hanoi experience.

Graham - was just looking at good old noodlepie yesterday...you've gone all technical on me!!! This bun cha joint is just near the Chau Long market, near Truc Bach. Not sure where that 'Catherine Deneuve cafe' is that you refer to?

soo sean

Thanks for recommendation!
I found a lot of hanoi good food from your blog.
And it is definitely useful as I am travelling to Hanoi this coming Sept.

Kat and Kim

Mmmmm looks good.
Our favourite is here;



but we'll have to give this one a try next time. We love Hanoi.


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Sticky: Methinks the cafe with Catherine Deneuve pics is Kinh Do on Cua Nam street a.k.a. "252".

Graham: Labelling it as crap is a bit harsh... Some of the cakes look 1950s-weird and I've certainly never tried the brilliantly named but highly dubious looking "lazanne" but I'm quite partial to their banh bao, banh kem ngo (raisin and custard pastries)and toasties in the morning. And I'm proud of it!


I am excited at finding this site. First visit to Vietnam in Sept.
We are 'foodies' of a sort. As anywhere we go we always want the local foods. And beer. It is always a major part of any trip.
Your site seems good for directing us to such finds. I will bookmark this site and refer to it when I am there.
If you had a 'map it' feature, or created a map that has these places on it, that would be real nice. Then again we aim to wander anyway through the streets of Hanoi and looking for these places will give us purpose.

Thank you for youe efforts and writings.



Hi this is totally off topic but I was at the Vet to get my dogs meds and while I waiting I was watching some show on their little tv and it was about food bloggers! and you were on it =) well duh you know you were on it ha...anyways since I myself am a new food blogger, I just had to come check out your page =)


I've been living in Vietnam for a long time. The food here has less to recommend it than the boiled Irish dinners of my childhood 30 years ago. Tourists can try the local food (it is safe enough) but don't say lies to them that they are in for a treat.
Really don't lie to them.


Sean -- you poor man, perhaps the boiled dinners of your youth killed off your taste buds.

Cabbage, pork and spuds versus bun cha...



Hey just posted about Bun Cha over at http://www.streetfoodie.com

Have to say I'm really enjoying the food in Vietnam so far.

Will be in Hanoi a few more days, any recommendations about where to go or what to eat?


It's amazing that, for as long as I have been a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, I've only learned about bun cha in recent months. This dish is non-existent here in Canada! I didn't even notice it in Texas when I was there for 2 years. How sad...

I would love to try it!


BUN CHA BUN CHA!!! yummmm...hungover at home (Sydney), faffing about on the net and what do I discover? Bun Cha!!! I wish that bbq vendor was next door right now! This blog is added to the favs. Thanks!


Wow, is looking just so yummy. Cheers


That looks really delicious! My family emigrated to the United States from Vietnam when I was 2...needless to say, I don't have any memories of it. It seems my greatest connection to my heritage is through food! I do love reading your blog to get a better sense of the place. Keep up the good work! I'm sure the food is amazing!

Thang Ngo

Looks delicious... my favourite noodles in Sydney is Tan Viet http://www.thangblog.com/2009/10/tan-viet-noodles.html


a glimpse of those caramelized pork got me salivating instantly.
pity the only bun cha i've had was at Quan An Ngon, i reckoned.


Thanks for this tip! Today was my first full day in Hanoi and as I found myself nearby at lunchtime I dropped in to try it. For a newbie to street food in Vietnam (I'm a bit more experienced with Lao food) the ordering process was easy: sit on a stool and food is delivered. Simple. And delicious too! I didn't ask for any nem though - will make sure I do if I get back there in the next few days :-)


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great pics, and it looks delicious.

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