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if you have time, write about xo^i (sticky rice); (a theme I presume with your blog :) ); probably, there's ain't much xoi in the north; it's one of favorite breakfasts in the south; there're variety of xoi (xoi ngo.t, xoi ma(ng. , xoi vo`, xoi ddau xanh, xoi nep than, ... :)


I love iced Vietnamese coffee!


Love your blog. Your posts bring a splash of fun and mouth-watering deliciousness to my grey cubicle. Keep it up!

Thang Ngo

Great photo!

Fyi, a new book is coming out about travels in Vietnam, Allen & Unwin Aust, called Destination Saigon: Adventures in Vietnam, www.destination-saigon.com

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Cool and I love the shot of the drinks. Good job. Very entertaining post.

Account Deleted

Seems very nice. I should give it a try tomorrow. Thanks.

Account Deleted

I went here this morning. Unable to speak Vietnamese, I asked for "iced coffee with milk" but the lady keeps saying "no no". I couldn't get my iced coffe :(


Niko - that's disappointing and surprising. They normally deal with foreigners every day????

Viet - I have blogged about xoi before and have one post waiting in the wings, too.

Thanks all - by the way I'm in Oz at the moment...on the way to Tassie, tonight! Will try to post a bit soon.

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nice social info, thanks for sharing it


Haven't been in Hanoi for a yr and half, but still long for the coffee. Especially the jet lagged 4 am variety....


How is the price?

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Thanks for the info.. I will try it when I visit Vietnam next week..

Victoria Hassett

Thank you for sharing your journey & exploration of Hanoi with us. A wonderfully insightful blog. Keep up the good work!
Victoria Hassett, Jom Makan


any recommendations for a good vietnamese cafe in the ba dinh district? and how do i say iced coffee with milk in vietnamese? i passed by a local cafe this morning and tried to order one but i just got a blank stare. help!

the lacquer spoon

Greetings from Tokyo! I've been to Ho Chi Minh, but never tried Hanoi though that's one of cities I love to visit. Anyway, looking forward to your lively news posted soon :)


Thanks all for continued comments on this post!

Bards - I like these two places: http://stickyrice.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/02/coffee_under_th.html

To order, just say "cafe nau (as in no)da"

psp zubehör

I have had toy street coffee a lot of time. It has a very good taste. I never forget to miss it on my Vietnam business trips. Just got to say "cafe nau da" and you get to taste one of the best coffees across the globe.

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I have never had this, but you make it seem delightful. I love having a regular coffee spot that always tastes the same-- there is definitely comfort in that. Kudos.

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Have you ever tried Dinh coffee? The coffee here is good as well.

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The coffee here is a sweet, rich but subtle blend served in classy glassware, delicately ridged and a good fit in my hand.
love them.

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