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Christine @ Fresh Local and Best

It's so true! The loo matter happens to me too - instantaneously. It's unbelievable, and makes me wonder about what potent compound is able to infiltrate my body so vigorously. I still love and will continue to eat asparagus.


Strangely i was thinking about asparagus the other other day, and then the following day found it at the market on Phung Hung.

The bundles of thick spears were selling for 120,000 dong.

I didn't buy it, but I still have asparagus on the mind.


Christine - it must be high in something, some vitamin or mineral. Anyone a dietician?

Jonathan - My market in Nghi Tan has it too, at 110,000VND /kg...very thick spears though, don't you think?


Sounds about the same.

But yes, i did notice the spears were really thick...
It's like the mass-produced ones we get in Canada that are from California... Not as tasty as the thin green (and sometimes white) ones we get in the Quebec spring.

Haven't splurged here yet. Let me know what the verdict is if you end up buying in.


I can smell asparagus pee but know people who can't. It seems that only some people have the genes needed to detect it:

"Thus, it is now believed that most people produce the odorous compounds after eating asparagus, but only about 22% of the population have the autosomal genes required to smell them."

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asparagus#Urine


Jonathan - I've sampled the spears here before. I find I just need to actually whittle them back a bit at the stem...get the tough woody bit off and then they're pretty good.

Mark - You are scaring me! Cancer genes, gay genes, now bloody asparagus genes! I'm gonna do a survey and the 1st question will be "Does your piss smell different after you eat asparagus?" Thanks for the research and I'm not taking the piss!


The compound that only some folks can smell (as noted by mark) is a copper salt. We had family who farmed about 30 acres of asparagus. For those of us who could smell the copper ion, the entire community was very ripe in the spring.


Asparagus contains a sulfur compound called mercaptan which is broken down in the digestive system, thus giving you 'asparagus pee'. Check out 'Asparagus' at Wikipedia for full details.


oh my, that asparagus with feta + parsley looks fantastic. of all the ways i've made and love the veg, that one i haven't yet tried. all consequences aside, it's on my must-eat list for next spring... thx, molly

Kitchen units

I like this types of meal and Asparagus I was thinking the other day, another about asparagus and then the next day it to the market on Phung Hung.

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