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Steve Jackson

That place is just down the road from my house..I will be visiting soon.

the lacquer spoon

Looks sooo festive, which makes me full enough :) Happy birthday and all the best for 2010, the start of a new decade!!


Happy birthday mate !

I am a Viet born Aussie expat living in Geneva and I miss Vietnamese food !

I have to cook everything from scratch when I have a craving for anything Vietnamese and substitute ingredients and make do with what I have on hand.

I have food envy whenever I look at your blog.

Cheers mate

Reluctant Geneva sider


Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, Sticky!

I really want a pig prawn - must replicate :)

cedar chests

The food looks awesome! I want to try out that Russian salad because it looks like our local salad. I wonder if it tastes the same.


Happy Belated Birthday.

And may I congratulate you on your party venue. Many a night have been spent gazing into the depths of their gigantic beer steins.

Keep up the blogging :)


Thanks for the birthday wishes. Happy New Year to all!

cartucho r4 ds

Hammmm.....Nice dishes and decorate so superb!well I wish that in next Valentine also I got some hot stuff like this.And ya I like your salad will try at home.

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