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Wish I knew where to get this in HCMC.

Heguiberto Souza

OMG just discovered your blog and am loving it :)
I love South Asian foods and try to accommodate the recipes to my ovo-lacto-pesco vegertarian diet!


I get sticky rice on the street in the morning. I go for xoi dau phong, sweet with peanuts and sugar and shredded coconut. By itself, I thought that sticky rice was 'sposed to be good for your stomach.

the lacquer spoon

While the food is filling, the people is good at keeping their body slim...Magic.

thé vert de chine

I have tried sticky rice with peanuts and coconut pate. It tastes amazing! Thank you for the post.


I love this blog! Check out mine:


Guys - I often have stickyrice for bfast as well, though I don't think we have the same range of sweet options in Hn as you have in Sgn. An acquaintance recently told me about a 'village' around the back of West lake that specialises in bfast sticky rice...so I will have to give it a visit...can't remember what it's called though!


Hey - just found the blog, and really enjoy it. I have a very similar one about food in Shanghai. Was wondering if you've been to SH, and if you have any suggestions for Southeast Asian / Vietnamese joints...


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Really like reading your post because I am sure that I can see something new in it.

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Another food blog. The food on the photo looks mouth watery and I would definitely want to taste it.

cartucho r4 ds

Wow deep fry eggs!You are just amazing in recipe really!and all looks so ummyy! what say...ya..mouth watery! I just love your blogs for testy recipe and easy also so I can easy to try with it.


For Xoi Ga, I just wonder if you've tried Xoi Yen, 35B Nguyen Huu Huan. I tried few times their and it's really good !

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