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Happy Birthday, Mark! If you're going to feast on holiday, this is certainly how to do it. You really know how to celebrate.

Whenever I see a whole fish, head still on, its carcass being carved out piece by piece, it reminds me why I respect Asian cuisines as much as I do. They care enough about the people eating their food to assure you that the fish you're eating is as fresh as possible. If the head is gone, I won't touch it. The eyes on that big fish are crystal clear - super fresh.

There's no way I could have kept up with you on this feast, but it certainly would have been fun trying! :-)

Have a great week!

John Mc

Yeah. I've eaten there -- it was pretty amazing.

It's interesting to me that in Asia, buffets tend to feature the best foods, while in America, they tend to feature the worst, especially "Asian Buffets."

the lacquer spoon

Wooow!! I feel like celebrating my birthday this year in Vietnam :))

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I think lobsters are really nice and scrumptious. Its just very expensive to buy.

Gift Registry

Really love to eat lobsters and every time I'm in Japan I make sure to order it.


Very cool blog! Today, I included your blog in my post "10 Asia Blogs You'll Love" on TravelingGreener.com.

Rasa Malaysia

Those lobsters look extremely eatable! Yummy.

Chloe nguyen

i'm proud of u and my country, Vietnam. Eventhough i was borned in America, my origin is VN. I hope to meet u because i'll visit Vn in this summer and let's eat VNese foods together, OK?

Linh Tran

How much does the lobster buffet cost at Sofitel Plaza?

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