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my spatula

ohh, so sweet. how i wish i was there.

Hoang Le Thanh Trang

I think you mean Pham Bang. And yes, his snacks are delicious. The moment I got back to Hanoi last summer, I went in search for "banh troi tau Pham Bang." Unfortunately, the stall was closed until well after I left. Thank you, for bringing it back for me.



Hi there,

I've chanced upon your blog a couple of times and every time I leave I feel pangs of jealousy and hunger. Anyways, this is the first time that I can really relish in its goodness as I am traveling to Hanoi for the first time to EAT.

You have a lot of recommendations on your website, but I am finding it hard to make any choices (the disease of to many options). Do you have a some good recommendations on where to dine about? I am non-discrimatory, take comfort in the taste of good broth, and there for a week.

I'd love to here your suggestions


Yes I think the program will be shown on the oversea channel because Talk Vietnam is actually one of that channel's program. Too sad I don't have VTV4 in my house here, or I could have seen a recap of you adventure. It would be so much fun!

Meghan and Conor

Thank-you for your post. We went there this evening in search of a sweet way to end our time in Hanoi. And we found it, it was fricking awesome. We ordered all 3 but couldn't finish them. A delight.

wine of the month club

Man those look good. I don't know why I torture myself reading your blog before lunch.

Luiz Hara

Hi, just arrived for a few days, will go through some of these amazing recommendations, any special recommendation for Tet? Many thanks, and hope to be able to reciprocate if you are ever in London!

Luiz @ The London Foodie


Hi Stickyrice, can the fruit that tastes like chesnut be water coconut (dua nuoc)?


Thanks all! Sorry I've been so slack responding to comments!
Not sure FlavourBoulevard, they are small - about the size of a rambutan, brown skin, white flesh - not much like a coconut really, though I don't know what a water coconut is....so?
Luiz and Meghan and Conor - Glad you enjoyed eating in HN.
VTV show still hasn't screened as far as I know, Quynh.


I suddenly know ur blog when i watch Talk Vietnam on VTV1 at 9.45 am today :p I'm a Vietnamese, i feel very proud of all u wrote \:d/

And I want to edit a bit of information :p

Banh Troi Tau Pham Bong
30 Hang Giay

His name's Pham Bang or write by Vietnamsese : Phạm Bằng
Not Pham Bong :p Hi

Thanks for reading my trifling comment :p Cya

P/S : Can u add my Y!M acc, because I really want to improve my English..And I know, you're an English teacher

My Y!M : nui_h2p

Thanks :">


mã thầy IS waterchestnut, the very same used extensively in Chinese stir-fries, the word doesn't mean anything to me either, it's just a name...

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