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Steve Jackson

Expensive? Last time I had a coffee there it was 15,000. Expensive only compared to the most basic cafes surely.

I used to work around the corner so occasionally coffeed in a couple of places on that strip and the price seemed fairly constant.

It's actually half decent as a bar too and I've been back for beers in the evening.

There's a very decent egg sarnie lady next door - and a cafe sua da and sandwich is a pretty decent breakfast for under 30,000.

Or in the evening there's a sushi place just a couple of doors down that'll bring your food around.

One of my favourite cafes on one of my favourite streets.

Matt Martin

I think Sticky may have gone for the Cong Caphe Signature Blend, as last time I was there I remember a den da was 15k VND as well. Awesome coffee, incredibly friendly staff, highly reccommended.

Oh, and you can even buy packets of their specially roasted coffee to take home. Absolutely delicious.


Guys, honestly, didn't order anything out of the ordinary, no special blend, no gold skinned avocados...just compared to the places I normally go, it's on the expensive side. I don't have the breakdown, but assumed the coffee was 20,000 and sinh to was 30,000.

Anyway, whatever, it's an uber-cool place and I have been more than once and will go back.

Will go back at night, I fancy having a beer there, Steve. And, Matt, I forgot to mention the coffee is available packaged: 0.25kg - 45,000, 0.5kg - 85,000, 1kg - 155,000. Thanks for the reminder.

Account Deleted

Have to vouch for Sticky on the prices... unless I was getting the Tây menu.. Check out http://wp.me/p2uuak-1M.

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