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Kat n Kim

Tell me about it we just ate a kilo this afternoon. Love mangosteen season.

Nursing top

WOooWW!! My favorite!!!! =( how i wish i could buy all of that..
Hmm i really love Mangosteen!!!Hmmm so sweet!!


this is my favourite fruit season in Hanoi, rambutans, lychees, mangosteens, pineapples....daily doses!


I like the rice.


Hi Mark,

Great blog, It's been bookmarked. I look forward to your future postings! I love South East Asian food.

I agree mangosteens are magnificent! Sometimes I splurge a bit here in the US and buy some. Sorry for the carbon footprint.... but they taste so good! I even posted an article on my blog about it last year: http://weirdcombinations.com/2009/06/mangosteens/

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