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the lacquer spoon

Keep your teeth healthy :) I love sticky nutty sweets too, but now feel a bit scary to chew because of many fillings in my teeth. Phew.


Exactly, LSpoon. It's really just like a slightly viscous peanut brittle. Just finished it off tonight actually.

flavor boulevard

Did you know that it's also called keo cu do (candy instead of "cake")?


That doesn't surprise me FB. It's kind of a candy-cake crossover, isn't it?


OMG!!!! when I was young, there'd be snack vendors walking around in the neighborhood with these in their hanging baskets. I liked to have a few spinkles of coconut flakes in them as well. Such a chewy, gooey, sticky and messy goodness!!!!!!

Chef Shane

Looks like an even more caramelly pan forte. Awesome.
And love the commentary: "peering through the glass of the door, like a rat with a gold tooth" hehehe. I know the feeling well.


Tram and chefshane: need to get my "suppliers" on the road to the centre again!


good job! ^^
but "tiny sweet cubes of green bean and sugar" = "Banh dau xanh", not "xang", Mark ^^


this was a great snack when we were kids. My mom made that for us all the time. really miss them.

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