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Steve Jackson

I was getting worried for this post until you said you were enjoying the ride. I do too. I think change in Hanoi is at least as interesting as what proceeded it.

There are times when it feels like Old Hanoi is being actively stifled - when you read of old ladies carrying baskets being banned it makes no sense at all.

But I suppose that is the same as all countries - they don't know what they've got till it's gone.


Snails...yum, however, now I'll have the image of a snotty elephant in my mind next time I'm lucky enough to eat them. THANKS A LOT!!!!! Seriously, great photos and so called progress is inevitable no matter where you are, shame.

Bridget Davis

Ohhhhhh must try these!!! Thank you for this post!!



I haven't had snails in a long time. Thank you for posting this; it sure brought back a lot of memories.


Steve - not much we can do about it other than savour and document what's left.

Snap - yeah, sorry about the image of elephant snot...couldn't resist ;-)

Bridget Davis and LeTran - my pleasure. Hope you get to try them BD and again LT.


Love this post! The snails look really fat and luscious. Will have to search for these next time I'm in Hanoi. Really loved the food on my first visit there earlier this year (need to work on my food posts from Hanoi still)

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