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Interesting hobby for young men/boys. But I guess it is better than spending hours indoors playing video games. Why are the cages so expensive, do they clean themselves of bird poops? Made by GE?


Seanvn01 - true about the games...that's becoming a bit of a social problem in VN...regarding the cages, I guess it's the elaborate carving around the bases rather than any shit cleaning technology ;-)


One of my neighbours comes to this cafe with his birds. He's in his mid-forties and sits with a group of men of a similar age. I live a couple of blocks away on a lane off Linh Lang Street and walk past every now and then, and one day a few months ago as I was walking along my neighbour called out and insisted I join him and his bird-watching friends. I didn't know what they were doing then, I didn't notice the bird cages and just thought they were sitting around drinking coffee, and on my way to their table I cracked my head fairly spectacularly against one of the cages. They waved it off and sat me down and ordered me a coffee, but I really couldn't feel comfortable with them after an introduction like that.


May I just add however that I have since got to know my neighbour and his bird-watching friends in other, non-bird-watching, situations and found them to be top blokes. They often get a case of beer and some dried squid and peanuts, for example, and set up on the corner of our street of an evening and just while the hours away that way. In regard to their social class and income, most of them seem to be lowly workers on the face of things but wheelers and dealers on the side.

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