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No trung non ( young egg) with Pho ga? It is always a treat to have that with a steamy bowl of pho ga. Never been to Ha Noi, but can't wait to try Pho there. A good authentic pho bac is so hard to find ( in the US)


Definitely available Seanvn01...just have to ask ;-)

mel harjono

This is a mistake... to check on your blog after my visit to Vietnam.
Great stories and pictures. I miss the pho, the coffee, the streets.

I'm hoping for a "next time" for me... I'd like to visit Vietnam again,
preferably when it's not 105'F. :)


Adrian Laurentiu Fulga

Hello there ,

Great blog.I've spent 2 years in the Union of Myanmar , from 1998 to 2000 and I've enjoyed so much the burmese cuisine.
I have my own blog on hotel industry

Keep up the great job !

All the best !

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