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Johanna-maria Wagner

mmmh you're making my mouth water... i can't wait to travel vietnam, as soon as we're settled here in s'pore, i will be planning my first trip - and obviously follow your recommendations! thanks.


I love the spring rolls wrapped in lettuce leaves and also when they are served with a vermicelli salad here in Footscray. But, there is a dodgy cafe near work in the city and I get me a chiko roll from them about 2 or 3 times a year. I blame it on nostalgia (that or gluttony...hard to tell)

the lacquer spoon

Sticky, nem cua be is rolled up with rice paper and eaten together with the stuffing, right? It reminds me of a Chinese style deep-fry which my mum would cook when I was little. Sliced beef, shiitake mushroom and spring onion wrapped in glossy inedible paper, that's so fun to uncover the dinky gift one by one. Nem cua be, chiko roll, my mum's recipe, all share "delish" :)


Please sir yes! Those crab ones look spectacular - don't they add crab to the cut-up ones they serve with bun cha in HN? It's very hard to find pho cuon down here, only place we've seen them is at the Wrap 'n Roll franchise. A real pity.


JMWagner - hope you enjoy Hanoi when you come...mind you, S'pore isn't a bad city for food:-)

Deb - yeah those rolls wrapped in lettuce and V/mese mint are the ones I remember fondly from Vic St years ago....Springvale and Footscray, too.

LSpoon - yes, that's right...the deep fried rice paper is one of the highlights, definitely eaten...the parcels your Mum made sound intriguing - what was actually in them?

Henno - yes...some specialize in crab ones in the normal shape, served with the bun cha but these are crazy square ones;-)

the lacquer spoon

Well, they're sliced spring onion, sliced shiitake mushroom and sliced tender beef seasoned with soy & oyster sauce wrapped in paraffin paper, and deep fried. I don't know why Mum gave up cooking such a tasty dish, but it's still served in some Chinese restaurants :)

Cooking Gallery

Lovely, lovely pictures. I love Vietnamese cuisine and would love to visit this country one day...!

Lauren aka Ms Baklover

I recently discovered a take on Vietnamese spring rolls that was new to me - much fatter than the classic cigarillo-shaped versions and wrapped with rice paper rather than wheat spring roll wrappers. The rice paper became very crispy and almost translucent. They were on the menu as "authentic Vietnamese spring rolls"

I do remember that rice paper roll obsession that hit Melbourne in the 90s! I remember many a family party with a platter of goi cuon bought from the Noodle Box on Bridge Rd. Now I make them myself, although not as often as I would like.

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