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Chickens in Coke cans.
You've got to love the juxtaposition of old world ingenuity and new world capitalism.
I fear that by the time I make it back to the land of my birth, they'll be a thing of the past.
So what do you do with it? Eat the chicken and drink the juice???


These vivid descriptions and pictures have me really looking forward to visiting Hanoi in September. Glad I saw this article now and I will print off some of the eating suggestions for when I arrive. Thanks these suggestions!

Kat n Kim

When we visited Hanoi we fell well and truly in love with the food and the people. I can hardly wait for the day we return.


TNB - that juxtaposition you mention is all around in Hanoi at the moment but one suspects for not much longer. The chicken dish is called ga tan, the idea originates from China...it's kind of medicinal, a few interesting ingredients and the bird is steamed in the soft drink or beer can. The flesh is so luscious once it's done. A highlight on the Hanoi cuisine scene.

Migrationolgy - glad to be of service. Hope you enjoy your trip.

Kat n Kim - When were you here? Wonder of you'll notice changes when you come back?


"I still bike the streets with wonder at the pervasive nature of food in this city. At any moment, at least one sense is being somehow subtly seduced. It may be a vision of a pineapple seller fanning herself against a fading ochre wall, spiked yellow peel piled beside her. The mournful cries of ngo nong day (hot corn here) or banh bao nong day (hot steamed buns here) intimate that food is available, on two wheels and right by my front gate, mid-afternoon or close to midnight. A hefty whiff on the air seeps up and down the corridors of Hanoi’s old quarter signaling that fish sauce is being used in a cooking process. In late summer, the feel on the tongue of luscious longan flesh coming away from its shiny black marble of a pip is almost erotic. "

This brings tears to my eyes, even after 35 years away from home, I still have moments like this when driving to or from work, a certain smell still trigger these exact memories.


Yomama - I hope it's nostalgic tears rather than ones of complete sadness or regret. Do you mean you left Vietnam 35 years ago? Maybe it's time you came back for a look?

Pham Thanh

Really like Stickyrice.com, the food in this website is the typical food we have in Hanoi. Thank Mark for introducing it.

UGG Classic Upside

Yes. never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
I believe you will do it.Throw BOTH these assholes out of court and out of town. Find another city to mooch off.

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