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"In the past when I've worn a red shirt, my colleagues and students complained that it made them feel hot."

Make sure you wear one with a prominently printed picture of the proper tools next time; by proper, I meant these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammer_and_sickle
On to the matter with the Bánh trung thu nướng nhân thập cẩm: I personally think it's a nasty tasting concoction-think fruitcakes with sausage and salted egg.


I love love love moon cake, but only traditional ones - either green bean, lotus seed, or mixed, not sausage (that's a different thing), no egg in anyway. I crave for the cake sometimes.

Hanh Hoang

I'm craving for a pair of mooncakes so badly right now. I've never liked the salty ingredients in mooncakes. I still remember some 10 years ago, I'd pick out all the inside of bánh nướng and eat just the crust of it. LOL.
Now with all the variety of mooncakes, I have found myself one that I like most: eggs & bean paste. YUM!!
Have been reading your blog for quite some time and I must say I love it! Even though it feels like torturing reading it while I'm away from home and crave for Vietnamese food so badly! D:


Hello. Thanks for postibg this. Very nice.

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