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Cheers from a Melburnian in Hanoi!

Lauren aka Ms Baklover

What a lovely post, thank you. You have the Italian barista down perfectly and you are so right, that moment where you watch the crema pull the sugar down like an undertow is so sensual.


How Smith St has changed, you wouldn't believe it.


Fantastic post. I remember feeling like a bumbling fool in Italy, even after I worked out how to order a cappacino in Italian. But damn they were good.


JB - heading back to Melbourne for two weeks at Tet...will be checking out some coffee houses with my sister

Lauren - thanks. There is a not unfriendly aloofness about them. As someone who's worked a machine before, I found observing them really interesting

Ed - will have to check it out in Feb...see what our cafe has morphed into

Eatlaughloveanon - thank you...yes it takes a while to work out the etiquette doesn't it?

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