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Building a house

Then, at first glance it was really delicious until the last. But I got a little doubful when I found out that mostly are meat instead of wanted a vegetables. I really love vegetables. I have had grilled meat at home before and it was so yummy. And now I have to taste more vegetables.

Lauren aka Ms Baklover

That rice paper looks fantastic, totally different to the dried stuff available here in Australia. Love the tong/skewers too - makes more sense than actual pointy skeweres.


BaH - Vietnam has plenty of veggies for your eating pleasure

Lauren - rice paper varies across the country though the one top of picture is def the dry one avail in Australia...the white stuff bottom of pic is actually the rice paper pancake, a silky soft number that gets rolled inside the paper w/ the other ingreds


Looks like a delicious snack. I always love street foods and it is so nice to eat on the street sometimes. I am also impressed with the rice paper. I wonder how to make that? Anyway, Amazing post I enjoy every detail of it.

Josh Tuck

Fascinating. This looks so good. Why doesn't America have more street food, or at the very lest more authentic items like this on menus?

House plans

This is the food is where it's at, along with daily routines of the locals, This is the best! Very delicious. Really makes me want to run out the door & add some more. I guess I'll just live vicariously until my company will accommodate all the foods and others can eat as well.


I have been looking forward to making this street-meat-sticks all week and just had it for dinner. Sweet
Lord. It is perfect.

eating houses

These things look gorgeous and I am sure are delicious. I'm bookmarking these to try this weekend.

Mike Tracy

How delicious does this look? Excellent job. Love the blog.

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