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Love the bamboo when stewed with pork or local chicken.
I'm really big into banana flower as well. Always pre-cut, nice colour, never oxidised and the VN banana flower salads are outstanding.
Diep Ca is another favourite leaf for salads.
I do like eating my late night fried grasshoppers in Bangkok though. Great with a beer or 4


Nice article. Well done. It's refreshing to see coverage of some of the less commonly mentioned vegetables of the Vietnamese kitchen.


Yes, please do teach us more about the vegetables and herbs.


Shane - loving your passion for Viet cuisine...is diep ca that fishy-flavoured leaf...if so, I'm yet to acquire the love for that one :-(

CGW & JB - thanks...I suspect I could do a few more pieces like this.

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Other aspects of the cuisine here are much maligned. Dog meat is an obvious example which gets a pretty unanimous thumbsdown from the food press and food tourists alike. It's a place that most westerners simply do not want to go (for the record, yes I have...) but they almost certainly do want to express their abject horror about the practice of eating dog.

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I Love the bamboo when cook with the pork or local chicken...! And above all the banana flower as well...! Always pre-cut, great color, that never heat and banana flower salads are really mind blowing and testy...!!! Really delicious...!

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I learned a lot educationally, your experience are so useful to any reader.


And above all the banana flower as well...!

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