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I found Vietnamese food to be the most colourful and freshest food in Asia

La Pham Nikita

I appreciate your passion for Vietnamese food!!! nice posts and photos!

The Quest For Zest

After the many months of grey skies and brown landscapes of our midwestern winter, this looks positively mouth-watering. So what is it about your "personal vista" that has greyed? Can you share?

Recipe contests

Great blog. I know next to nothing about Vietnamese food, but these photos look amazing!! Any chance of posting the actual recipes for people to make at home? I know a great website that lacks some authentic Vietnamese dishes.


They mostly do user-sent recipes and some recipe contests as well.

Take care!
-- Chelsey


Mzungu - I would agree but we could generate debate with such an assertion :-)

La Pham Nikita - Thank you...trying to keep the fire burning!

The Quest for Zest - just that I'm becoming somewhat immune to some of the colour that I was so enamoured of in my early years in Vietnam, that's all.

Recipe Contests - sorry this is not a recipe blog.


Gorgeous photos!

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