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Culinary School: Three Semesters of Life, Learning, and Loss of Blood

Much as I love eating and drinking with friends and family, I do love the solitary experience. There is something to be said about people watching and quiet - fun and soothing at the same time.


I just bought 'Travels with Myself and Another, A Memoir' after reading this entry. Sounds like a fascinating read (thanks for including the link). I love coming across books this way. Usually they turn out to be gold.


I love the cafe atmosphere, but sometimes I like to just sit by myself and have my tea. Thanks for the post!


Culinary School - me, too...but amongst the Vietnamese, the communal experience is preferable.

Cris - hope you like it...I found it very witty and honest...she sounded like quite a character...and I hear that Nicole Kidman will be playing her in an upcoming HBO production focusing on her Gellhorn's relationship with Hemingway.

Asianskinny - pleasure...I'm a tea-drinker at work and home, coffee drinker when I'm out...one a day!

The Quest For Zest

I don't want to stroke your ego or anything, but your writing is an inspiration. Thanks for doing this blog. It makes me want to see S.E. Asia more with each read.

Pesto recipes

Great writing... I think both are something to be said for... You know, when you are alone you are more focused on the pleasure of the food itself, while you are in company, the pleasure is more in sharing the experience...

Wilma Farugia

Thank you for a awesome Vietnam Hanoi city street food experience. Both Claudia and I loved it. Defiantely allowed us to experience the pleasure of the people and street food. Something we would not have done with out you Tu Vancong

Peter Lamphere

Great review(s). I aspire to the style, brevity and elegance of your pieces...

Account Deleted

Some thoughts on the social nature of Hanoi cafes... http://wp.me/p2uuak-1m

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