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Kê is millet. the only other ingredients are sugar, mung bean and the Bánh đa. It's a Ha Noi dish. Millet is also used to make chè kê and cháo kê. That last one is eaten with chicken.


Sometimes we look without looking, and other times we see without seeing ...... It happens when we get comfortable with some place or even someone ......


Should you keep blogging? Well, I get excited to see an update from you when I'm settling down to have my morning coffee. You still know a lot more than I do and I love learning from your blog. I hope that counts for something!

Dee Sutton

I actually think your post was a breath of fresh air. Although the food I love is Khmer, more than Vietnamese, my love for all things Asian makes your blog a highlight.
Maybe you need to use some of the mediocre photos, and "get over it" for want of a better way of putting it. I'm sure like me, the others that read your blog, are happy to have mediocre if they can just glimpse a little more of the culture and food of this great country.

Tina Pham

Great blog you have here!

Tina Pham

Love your pictures too!


Hey, it's okay to be like that sometimes, and it keeps the fun in blogging :) Sometimes it makes you feel like you're responsible for the info conveyed through your sites and jerks you off into that "what-is-this" when you are traveling or even when you are relaxing, thinking that it's blog worthy :)
Haven't we all been there? It takes the fun out of our mind but into the blogging part, so, chill, you're in the top 50 of the world's best food blogs, isn't that something already? :D


Chris - thanks for your clarification here and on twitter.

Mzungu - is that another way of saying familiarity breeds contempt? Thankfully I'm nowhere near that stage yet.

Anne - thanks...it gives me pleasure to imagine you getting excited about what I post...the best kind of praise...thank you!

Dee Sutton - I probably won't post those until I get around to taking more photos. I do need to "get over it", sometimes, though ;-)

Tina Pham - thanks

Christy - you're right, especially as I don't consider my blog to be a true food-blog in the strict sense of the concept...being in the top 50 was a long time ago, though!

Michelle (Healthy Snack) Hompton

I like this post. This one's unqiue - talking about food and attitude. I also eat street foods. But I don't make it a habit.

Jonha | FriendsEat

I love that you don't always "adhere" to the food blogging rules all the time, I mean c'mon, you can always try something new and from there you will learn more and appreciate the experience even better.

Account Deleted

Hi Mark. It's me, Linh from PM1 AE7 :). This is my first time reading your blog and I love this entry because I like bánh đa kê. It is a common sweetmeat of poor children in Hanoi. When I eat bánh đa kê, I usually remember my peaceful childhood. Now I feel so excited because you, a foreigner, know about my bánh đa kê.

Tia G

Your food blogging skills are top-notch. I love to read your posts!

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