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By far your best post on this blog so far. Well paced, compelling, funny, and so very telling.


So funny! It reminded me of the scene of the lobster chase in Annie Hall. Bella storia, and you we so daring taking home two crabs alive!



Account Deleted

Hi Mark. I am back after maybe 1 week :D. This entry is so funny and makes me laugh a lot although there are many new words :P. And I recognized that sometimes you don't follow the grammar, do you? I can understand because when I write in Vietnamese (a story or a small article) I don't follow the grammar rule too (except academic writing), because it makes my writing more interesting :).


There's gotta be a joke in there somewhere about - you know - CRABS - and freezers and such.

How long can a crab live in a shoerack d'ya think?

I'm sort of disappointed that you didn't give me a blow by blow account of exactly what to do with the trussed up crabs. I see them - and the live froggies at the market all the time, and sometimes consider bringing home a market person with me and a bag of crabs to show me how do it.

(Actually, I don't want anyone to kill the frogs. Their little beady eyes look so ... sentient.)

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These didn't work nice enough packed like that on the market but are absolutely delicious :)

Tracey@Tangled Noodle

Those trusses are Hannibal Lecter-worthy! Any creature that could escape the sink, semi-release itself from such bindings and hide out for a couple of days almost deserved freedom. But eternal sleep in tamarind sauce is a good way to go, too.

What a thoroughly enjoyable post! 8-)

Chef Shane

We once had 40kg of big Queensland muddies in a restaurant on the Gold Coast.
One (1.4kg beast) fell out of the box on the table, onto the floor, and promptly lost a claw & leg.
The remaining claw struggled for a second and threw off the ties that bind, scuttling across the kitchen and hiding under the stove.
Five chefs converged on the stove & bent down on hands and knees to see the crab crouched, dancing around and waving one claw skywards like a shell covered John Travolta or James Brown.
He was hard to catch.
A ripping yarn Mr Lowerson. Keep up the tasty posts.


Delicious pictures. mmmm. Thanks for the good info`s. :)

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This post is really funny! It's like you are going to a war versus the crabs! Hahaha! Very funny! How to kill a crab?


Phil - Thanks...it was fun to write.

Daniela - I can't remember that scene from Annie Hall...but do remember a similar scene from Julie and Julia.

Linh - thanks for commenting - very astute of you to notice the difference between academic writing and creative writing - breaking the rules is much more fun!

Katrina - there were certain directions in which I didn't want to take this story, if you know what I mean?

Tracey - thanks...the survival instinct of the restrained crab is strong, no doubt.

Chef Shane - kind of reminiscent of tanks - I'm sure military people have used crabs as models for some kind of defensive vehicle/weaponry.

Thanks to all


Ha ha, that reminds me of an afternoon sitting in a bar in Saigon when a crab walked in - for real.


love your writing, such a funny post.


Great story, I'm sitting at my desk giggling like a mad woman.
It reminds me of a roof-top party we had in Ho Chi Minh City, when my better half brought home a bag of live prawns. He cooked half, and left the rest in the sink to cook up for the late-comers (inevitable, being Vietnam).
I went downstairs to open the door for said late-comers and I found our two half-adopted cats having a whale of a time playing with a couple of prawns that had flipped themselves out of the sink. There was prawn slime all over the living room floor, the couch, the shoe rack, the kitchen floor, underneat (!) the kitchen table ... and the cats had that mad Jack Nicholas gleam in their eye, but were utterly exhausted, lying on the floor with a still-twitching prawn each clutched to their bellies.


Such a cute post. I don't know about the hair in the soup thing, though. :-)


It's confirmed: you're my new favourite food blog. Not only do I love Hanoi, Vietnam in general and food but this story is one I can see myself retelling to all my friends. Brilliant. A crab with a shoe fetish.

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