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geebuz that is BRILL..

banh xeo, okonomiyaki : tomayto, tomato. all set in a pochang esque shop. if they start playing K-drama, it'd be like ASEAN summit packed into 1 food shop.


I'm not a huge fan of okonomiyaki (or Osaka food) but I appreciate it... and the takoyaki looks awesome! Down south, we also have an okonomiyaki chain that exists outside of the Japanese area. Where they also serve pho-okonomiyaki.




Very well said...Vietnam's culture was influenced by Western and neighboring Asian countries and the fact that this country is considered to be a 'third world'... What can you expect? Life each day is hard and to make a living one must make the most out of everything.

Fortunately, they got restaurants influenced by Japanese cuisine.

Just eat and do your thing and live :)


SinoSoul - very much the fusing of stuff, not all of which I got to the bottom of on that visit...

tomosaigon - I envy you your Japanese scene down there - up here it tends to be all high end

seema - 'twas nice

Theresa - I like that - "Just eat and do your thing and live" - well-said to you, too ;-)

Rebeca Madrugada

Just absolutely delicious, words cannot describe how different and unique the foods are here.. The bun mam is to die for.

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