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Chopin Mysaucepan

Dear Mark,

These flowers are really beautiful and when we were in Bali, I always needed to be sure I didn't accidentally step on them whenever I was walking into shops or restaurants :)


Great post! Those offerings are called 'canang' in Bali. Very pretty...

Fawn Nguyen

Such vibrant colors, great post, thank you!


You really have a knack for writing. I love reading your posts!
I'm in northern Thailand at the moment, LOVING the flowers here, the blue chrysanthemums especially. They're a bit magical, aren't they?


Chopin Mysaucepan - really hard to avoid aren't they?

cooking.eating.carousing - love that tagname! Thanks for the name. I didn't do any research on the flowers - just wrote it off the top of my head from remembered observations.

Fawn and Barbara - Thanks

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