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I was just thinking about what pairs with bia hoi the other week. Nem chua! Too bad it's so exorbitantly expensive in the states at about $1/piece.

Thanks for the food porn.


What did I zero in on? The fact that you buy your dog's food at a cơm bình dân place. That is one spoiled pooch and you are one big softy. :)


Now that's what I call luxurious food!

Why is it impossible to find dishes with this appeal in europe?

Vietfood really has got that wow factor to it...


Sino Soul - yes nem chua is a great match with bia hoi, so too the boiled peanuts.

Robyn - you've met the pooch and the owners...you know the drill...dog rules the roost, would turn his nose up at food actually manufactured for dogs. And, I seem to remember you talking about cooking for your dog!!!!

TJK - I guess it's a case of familarity breeding contempt...I had no problems finding great food in Europe whenever I've been there ;-)


Great blog!

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