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If and when you ever leave Hanoi, be sure to take plenty Mam Tom, or live near a source. You WILL miss the old purple headed stink bomb.

Amazingly... after our wee little combined chatter on Twitter last week, I was inspired to suggest to the missus that we try and do Bun Dau here in K-town. We subsequently found a tofu source (ultra rare) and remembered we had a large jar of Mam Tom in the fridge and most of the herbs growing in our garden. In addition, it turns out that a Viet connection with a Dutch agriculture consultant husband, who just happens to live down the road, has a mammoth Viet herb garden and has offered seedlings for everything from rau muong, susu to rau ca. Bun dau in central Africa is possible. Me very happy.


Well you've fallen on your feet there - how did that work out? Still not the advocate of mam tom that you are - can handle in soups but not keen on it as primary dipping sauce. Sue me!

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